IoT Top Leaders in 2020

Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things is not a new phenomenon: different tech companies and tech experts have been discussing this idea for decades. And then in 1989, the first internet-connected toaster was unveiled at a conference in 1989.

In general, the IoT is not complicated: it’s about connecting devices over the Internet, letting them talk to us, applications, and each other. 

And now in the 21st century, the IoT becomes more and more popular. Moreover, the market landscape is finally taking shape. By the way, the revenue is supposed to hit a record high of €6.4 billion in 2020, according to projected global revenue estimation of the IoT from 2007 to 2020.

And now it’s high time to outline the leaders in the IoT enterprise space. They are Apple, AWS, Cisco, Dell, Google, SAP, as well as many other giant players filling niches in the space for IoT security. Of course, these are the names you are definitely familiar with. However, there are some other lists of leading companies in the IoT sphere. They usually deliver solutions for enterprises on the outsource base. For example, ClutchCo, an independent Washington, DC research company, has recently compiled such a list of outsourcing companies. And it wouldn’t be a mistrustful gesture to equate NybleCraft to such companies as it is known for delivering high-quality services in IoT for more than five years. Our team is sure that developing new Internet of Things solutions can help manufacturers and other industrial enterprises to improve asset efficiency and build more intelligent linkages between design, production, and field testing.  

Internet of Things offers unique opportunities for enterprises to people, processes and systems. However, the IoT ecosystem is quite disintegrated and requires customers to contact multiple vendors. Dealing with this challenge, NybleCraft has developed a wide range of service offerings and assets, to help customers unlock business value.

The NybleCrfat Advantage:

  • Use of open industry-leading standards; 
  • A flexible architecture supporting various patterns of connectivity; 
  • Secure solution by integrating components of Industry leading security players; 
  • Backed with a strong technology focus on Digital technologies to help customers deal with rapid developments in technology.

Solutions We Offer:

  1. IoT Consulting: NybleCraft has a comprehensive IoT framework that covers areas from understanding business needs to the IoT development and execution strategy with a clearly defined roadmap.
  2. IoT Implementation: The offerings include Sensor Data Analytics, Mobile apps for Sensor data, Machine learning & AI and Sensor Applications Cloud deployment. Our services include integration and implementation of partner products and system integration.
  3. IoT Management: Services include, device management, end to end security, Big data services, Cloud enablement and APIfication of sensor data. 

Solutions Benefits:

Cost and Operational Efficiencies:

  • Process improvement with the ability to forecast and make proactive decisions;
  • Improved operational efficiency – downtime reduction, improve asset performance, better inventory management, reduced service time etc.

Strategic Benefits:

  • Creating opportunities for new business models/revenue streams; 
  • Improved customer satisfaction; 
  • Qualitative inputs for marketing and product development; 
  • Long-term customer relationship; 
  • Reduced churn due to better service.

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