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Web Design Trends in 2018 

According to the data released by StatCounter, at the end of 2016 web visits from mobile and tablet devices surpassed visits from desktop. 51,3% vs 48,7% to be more precise. If we take a look only on smartphones, they will make up 46,5% and tablets only 4,8%. In 2018 this number will increase and we’ll see new technologies or solutions which make internet usage by mobile much comfortable and improve performance.
Even now we can observe how developers do their best to create something new despite the fact that mobile design seemed limiting. Voice search, geolocation, AI chatbots, natural language processing – all of these features will get further development in 2018 and become trends.


Especially on mobile, speedy pages are crucial. Jazzy and modern design is becoming old-fashioned. Minimalism is hot now and negative space will take it to the next level! Conversions are the main target and we add black-and-white to demonstrate a product or offering. Nothing but a direct attention to the conversion point. 

Bold And Expressive Typography 

Minimalism with images? No. Minimalism with text? Yes! Already we see how bright, colorful fonts replace images. And it’s OK as images impact performance, especially on mobile phones. Typography creates space where the main objects can attract our attention and call to action. So, we have a great combo of minimalism and typography.

Scroll Triggered Animations 

It’s not new, but in 2018 it will have another function. Such animation was a kind of amusement, but it will be used for purpose.

These animations will be minimalist and important, designed to increase conversions and engagement. It persuades a user to scroll down, to get information about a product. This kind of animation will enliven a site. Pure beauty.

Progressive Web Apps 

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a group of apps which use web stack technologies and mix website’s ease of use with technical possibilities of traditional apps.

There’s a trend in upgrading the work of website, in adding things like offline support, push notifications, quick and easy installation, etc. Some sites like Twitter, Washington Post, Facebook have already created progressive web apps. This tendency grows and even now apps are learning to react to our personal preferences and style. It’s cool.

AI Chatbots 

Chatbots are no longer a dream. They’ve become an integral part of our lives as traditional apps and websites have an integration and it means that sites will get advanced functions of apps such as voice search and smart bots, which are becoming ‘human like’ with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NPL (Natural Language Processing). 

Secure Web Pages and Secure Apps 

In 2017, malware and hacking have become a real threat to everybody. But ransomware was the worst. It blocks access to any file on the computer, doesn’t give you an opportunity to do anything and it’s all encrypted, so you have to pay money to get the key. 

Confidence is going to be the major point for users. Should they trust their information to your site, download from your site and not be afraid of viruses? Using HTTPS is a gold standard today, but sooner users will expect that each site should has trusted certificate and provide secure experience. 

So, are you ready for 2018? Because outdated sites decrease conversions, sloppy design distracts users and without protection your site can’t be trusted. If you’re ready, it’s very good! But if not, NybleCraft is ready to provide you with modern site which is protected, has an amazing design and can be visited from mobile devices and desktop without setbacks. We use the latest tools and always meet the deadline. Just contact us and feel free to ask any questions!