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UX and Apps Uninstalls: Cause and Effect 

Most mobile app vendors pay great attention to providing a flawless user experience (UX) that can determine the way a user of the app responds to the various functions and functionalities. So it is decisive to have personalized, up-to-date and easy to use UX. The statistics say that about 80-90% of all downloaded apps are deleted just after the first use. And about 94% of apps are deleted within a month of using it and 80% of them are deleted within the first three days. However, the same study also suggests that a whopping number of users are eager to give an app a second chance. 

With the fierce and intense competition and escalating customer acquisition cost in the mobile app market, it is essential to find out the reasons leading to immediate deleting mobile apps by users. Let’s discuss them. 

7 reasons people uninstall apps:

1. Too many notifications 

Real-time interactions with users are one of the strongest points of a mobile app is to have real-time interactions with your customers. However, it is of great importance to know where to draw the line as intrusive notifications are often the number one reason when talking about uninstalling apps. Many app publishers go overboard with notifications and constantly annoy their users while trying to draw their attention to new features and changes. But such a strategy is often damaging and detrimental, and many users find periodic notifications irritating and sometimes even offensive that is why they choose to delete those «nagging» app. 

2. Design issues 

The way an app looks plays a vital role in grabbing initial customers' attention and keeping them interested in visiting and using the app again and again. If the app is not attractive in terms of overall design, usability, and interface, the chances that it will be quickly bounced, or even worse, uninstalled are too high. According to Shopify, almost 67% of customers abandon their shopping carts before making payments and 1 in 4 shoppers do it because of the complicated navigation. That is a lot of business to lose!

3. Operating issues 

The main function of an app’s design is to simplify the user experience and user interactions. A compelling mobile application must feature an interface that focuses on usability. An app that is hard to use and complicated to understand and operate will definitely see an uninstall. Non-user-friendly apps have no place in the cutthroat competing mobile app market. 

4. Distracting in-app messages 

One of the most annoying characteristics of a mobile app may be the constant pop-ups asking for user experience feedback, calls to upgrade to a new version, or ads that provide links to other apps/games or paid/free features within the app. In-app messages are definitely a valuable tool that mobile app vendors have at their disposal to enhance their UX, especially when asking for feedback, but the timing of the in-app message is critical. 

5. Log in difficulty 

Many apps ask for a lot of information even before giving a preview access to a potential user. When users are asked for many details before experiencing the app, they’re generally not willing to share until they are sure the app has the features they’re looking for. This can be a huge deterrent to many people, leading to uninstalls. 

6. Invasion of privacy 

There is already a widespread mistrust towards many applications due to the misuse of the private information. Many apps may seem to be over intrusive or too demanding regarding personal information of their users, even if the information the app requests is necessary for a better experience. When perceived in this way, they have high chances of being viewed with suspicion and eventually being deleted. 

7. Apps crashing 

A continuously crashing and intermittently freezing mobile app is one of the biggest reasons for app uninstalls. When an app freezes in the middle of an interaction, it is extremely displeasing and distressing to users. Such a situation will certainly raise doubts about the app quality and usability. 

To sum up, to provide a great user experience is the number one priority of a mobile app vendor. In this regard, NybleCraft belongs to such a type of a vendor who cares about user experience of its customers. And this fact reveals why our customers return to our apps again and again.