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Reinvent Fitness With a Mobile App 

Fitness and sport change your shape and technology changes the shape of the whole health industry. Today fitness goes mobile and it’s everywhere. And It is thanks to their mobility that we love fitness apps. It is one of the best ways to care about yourself and your health. That is why fitness apps and special fitness devices enjoy a strong growth alongside smartphones and tablets whose activity tracking capabilities improve year over year. Wristbands and armbands, chest straps, clip-ons, smartwatches, and even more unexpected things like a bra with a heart rate monitor or socks with built-in pressure sensors can track everything from running to foot-landing habits to eating speed. But today it is a mobile fitness app that we’d like to talk about. They are really popular all around the world. A great indicator of this is the fitness app market, which has grown rapidly in recent years. 2015 saw fitness app usage increase by 52%. This year the number is definitely to be higher! Here are some ways in which the pursuit of fitness and health has changed in the smartphone era. 

Mobile Apps for finding fitness sweet spots:

Many people want to get in shape, so they gladly join gyms, sport and fitness clubs. But as it often happens this enthusiasm dies at some point. Then we hesitate to join again. And here come mobile fitness apps that give us succor and strength. Mobile Apps allow people to experiment to see if they like an activity, to work out if the location and timings suit them, and break routine when they need to. They also help fitness service providers fill in empty slots, so that dropouts don’t affect them so much. That is really convenient, isn't it? 

Work out apps: 

These apps bring fitness wherever the users are. Sometimes it is difficult for some people to find time to get to a gym or a class regularly because of their heavy schedule. Others just want to get fit from inside their homes, for different reasons. The only option for such people was a personal trainer, but this can be prohibitively expensive. So mobile technology has brought the gym and the trainer home, at a far more reasonable price point than a personal trainer. 

Fitness apps can show users how to exercise without any equipment with personalized video workouts. The personal trainer has taken on a digital avatar, transitioning from an actual physical presence or exercise videos to an interactive experience accessible from your tablet or mobile phone. 

Fitness activity tracking apps: 

This category includes apps that track physical activity including steps taken, stairs climbed, sleep hours, sleep quality, distance traveled and calories burned. And there is a phrase «You can’t know where you are going, if you don’t know where you’ve been» that suits well to such kind of apps. They take this philosophy to heart helping users to track 

•What they’re eating; 

•How much and how fast they’re running, cycling and walking; 

•How much sleep they’re getting, and of what quality. 

Besides, if you want your fitness app to constantly detect and monitor pulse, blood glucose level, and other physiological parameters that are hard to get from a smartphone you can implement a Bluetooth connection to enable data flow from a fitness tracking device. Sales of fitness activity trackers are expected to hit $28.7 billion by the end of 2016, and the products are still evolving, with experts expecting wearable tech to grow more powerful and less visible in the future. 

Nutrition and Diet Apps: 

Mobile apps that track your nutrition habits are also activity tracking apps but with more specific functionality. You can add food logging as an additional feature to your fitness tracking solution. However, there is a whole audience of users whose only purpose for using a fitness app is to keep to a diet, track calories, and control water and coffee intake. 

Visualization is very important for a nutrition and diet app. Daily stats should be detailed and comprehensive, but most importantly, they should push a user towards their goals. If you’re in the fitness business and are considering ways to engage your customers, we’re here to help. Please, feel free to contact NybleCraft and we'll develop your fitness app in the best possible way.