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Main Technology Trends That Will Dominate in 2017  

According to the market research made by firm Gartner, next year companies will spend $3,5 Trillion on IT. What is more, it is expected that companies will increase their annual spending on software and services (in opposition to hardware), as they all tend to buy their tech using cloud computing model, when the vendor’s data center hosts tech and delivers it as a service over the Internet. It is estimated that companies will spend about $943 billion on IT services, and that is up nearly 5% over 2016 spending levels. All these characteristics speak for a hypothesis that billions of dollars will be spenе for the rising tech trends, all the tech things that are on the rise for the last few years and this tendency will continue in 2017. Today we share a list of the main trends with you: 

1.Virtual Reality 

We know that virtual reality is poised for a huge break out next year and it will finally shine on consumers. And the fact that such services as Siri, Cortana and Google now are being stitched into more areas proves this brave assumption. For example, in 2016 Apple allowed to use Siri to third-party developers as well as Cortana got access to different Microsoft Office apps.


Apple Inc. helped make people comfortable with the idea of wearing tiny data-collecting computer screens on their bodies with the April 2015 launch of Apple Watch. In 2016, there are more players who hopped on this trend, besides newer devices became more capable. But that is not all. What is more, mobile health has entered the golden age and now we are tracking our health in real time usually using wearables. 

3.Cars of the future

Everyone knows that self-driving cars are the future for a while now, but still we know that lots of work has been done to convert this idea into a reality. Now we read about Tesla’s autopilot “driverless” systems. At the same time, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ford and even the Volkswagen Group have planned major events, many regarding self-driving systems. Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and other connected-car systems will be everywhere. And, of course, we are looking forward to it. 


It seems that drones are poised to fly even higher in 2017! They are sure to be everywhere they can legally be. For sure drones will continue to move into the consumer market. Over the next few years drone delivery services can be launched by Inc. Besides, more recreational use cases, such as gaming, will come online for drones in the nearest years as well. 

5.Personal Transportation 

It seems that every guy on the block has already tried the hoverboard phenomenon - or in other words - self-balancing electric scooter as this is the breakout hit of the year. Other forms of personal transportation will get the high-tech treatment as well, including so-called smart bikes, and we may even see the first drone that can carry actual passengers. The future of getting from place to place looks pretty cool but, unfortunately, very unsafe.

 6.Self-charging phones 

Radio wave charging doesn’t sound unreal anymore. New technologies will enable phones to charge through wavelength. The whole process is very similar to that how to how WiFi transmitters deliver data from routers to devices.  
That is how we see the coming 2017 year and we are sure that it will be even more productive and successful than the outgoing year. But now NybleCraft team wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!