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Crowdfunding as a solution for Android Software Updates? 

    Software update is always a critical moment for Android since its incipience. Each day Android manufacturers and engineers manage to fit more power, bigger batteries, and better cameras into less space. And each day the price and value of your product diminishes. You give people 12 megapixels, they ask for 16, you give them 4GB of RAM, they ask why it's not 6GB. But with every new move, a new technical glitch arises on the Android horizon and then you have to spend whatever's left to support the device with software updates. And even if you get every spec perfected, you have to support the device with software updates then. 

    It requires a lot of time. Even minor security testing demands a huge amount of money. Since finance appears to be a prime obstacle here, The Verge has proposed crowdfunding may fix the issue. 

    But in spite of the attraction of such a solution, it might appear unfounded to many users. So the matter is: are the users ready to spend their hard-earned money just to stay updated?