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ASO – 10 Strategies to boost your mobile app rating. 

Once your mobile app is completed, it is high time to submit it to the App Store. Unfortunately, that is the moment where hard work begins again. Firstly, you need to get acceptance approval from Apple. And secondly, you need to aim for App Store optimization. ASO is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in the App Store. There is a plethora of effective tools to help you with it. Without ASO, it will be extremely difficult for users to discover your app. For example, being the second largest App Store, Apple’s App Store has about 2 million available apps. So it is really hard to stand out and get noticed. 

Fortunately, NybleCraft team has good news for you as we have summed up the most important points you need to follow to easily find an audience for your app. Let’s discover them together!  

#1. Learn more about ASO.The App Store has ranking criteria very similar to the ones that Google has for ranking the websites it lists on its SERPS (search engine results pages) for specific keyword searches. So it is possible to optimize your mobile app in the App Store and make it appear higher up in search results pages. 

If you still have doubts about ASO importance, you should reconsider your position. Take into consideration the following information on how people download and use their apps:

  1. According to Forrester, 63% of apps are discovered through app store searches. That is why search in the app store is the most used method for discovering and downloading new apps.
  2. Another survey conducted by mobile marketing platform Tune shows that 47% of all American iPhone users discovered the latest app they downloaded by browsing the App Store.

#2. Penetrate into the mind of your target audience. These questions are to be answered:

  • For whom have you designed your app?
  • What is the most common age of users that find great value in your app?
  • How can they benefit from using your app? 

The next stage is to do market research that can help you find out the demand for your app, its chances of selling (or being downloaded) in the App store, and the characteristics of your target audience. 

#3. Choose the right app title or app name. 

To optimize your app title it is necessary to perform a keyword research and identify the most relevant keyword. As it is usually used to browse for apps in the store. People will, in a sense, make their downloading decision based on how you name your app. So your keyword should be in the title to help your ASO.

#4. Determine the best keywords. 

Keywords are vital and apps where keywords are used in their titles on average ranked higher in the App Store than those without keywords. So that is reasonable to make the most of keywords. What is more, it is incredibly easy assuming that it can impact your app’s chances of being found, downloaded, and used by potential customers. 

#5. Create an impressive app description. 

Only the first five lines in the description are typically relevant to customers in the store. Of course, they may click on “more” to expand said description, but usually the first five lines are enough. That is why you should make the best of the small space in which you have to work. It is advisable to use persuasion as the key to drawing customers’ attention. 

#6. Create the perfect app icon. 

People seem to lack images. Being visual creatures after all, they get hooked by high-quality and attractive images. That is why the principle can be used in the App Store. The icon should be unique and stand out from the other apps' icons in the App Store. Only in this case it can grab user's attention. 

#7. Feature screen shots. 

Screen shots are meant to draw the eyes of potential buyers. They should look as actual advertisements for your mobile app. You can only upload only five screen shots, however, the App Store will show only three in the gallery. So in reality, your first three screen shots are going to be your visual selling points to customers. 

#8. Appeal to non-English-speaking users. 

You should not neglect the fact that much of the world doesn’t speak English. And it is reasonable to attract potential users from other markets for your app. According to the statistics, North America gives only 31% of the world’s total app revenue, while 41% comes from Asia, and 23% comes from Europe. So do not miss out on your potential users from different corners of the world!

#9. Use every possibility to promote your app. 

If you don’t have tons of money to invest in advertising, then your app success will depend a lot on the coverage you manage to get. So benefit from people’s learning about your app. And a great way for that to happen is a blog post or an article on a well-known website. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as may seem as bloggers and journalists are too busy these days. That is why you need to pitch it right, and to the right people. 

#10. Maintain your ASO. 

ASO demands constant work on it in order it can keep strong in the service of your goals. Don’t forget to keep monitoring it and regularly tweak it over a length of time to keep it optimized.Now that you see everything involved in ASO, you understand that just developing your app and submitting it to the App Store isn’t close to enough. It is just half the journey. But NybleCraft hopes that it will be an adventurous one.