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10 Ways to Get More Social Shares. 

Everyone wants more likes and shares on their articles.
However, some marketers might argue that social shares are a vanity metrics that have no impact on the bottom line. But even they are able to reach an agreement regarding the the value of the increased reach and exposure that comes with increased social engagement.

As any other farseeing company, NybleCraft is interested in creating shareable content. That is why a comprehensive analysis was conducted to reveal the formula for writing brilliant content. And now we gladly share our findings with you. 

1. Write a Strong Headline.

Regardless of the content, a strong effective headline can make or break a blog post. It's been recommended that bloggers spend up to 80% of their time writing headlines. It sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?Nevertheless, if you're not ready to spend such a considerable amount of time while for writing a headline, there are still some helpful tips that can be applied to help ensure that the time devoted to writing the article hasn’t been wasted. Those are: .

  • Using emotional and power words;
  • Keeping headlines between 6-8 words;
  • Using numbers when possible.

We've even compiled some power words for you to use here:

2. Tell Us a Story.

People love stories and it may help enlarge the number of people who is ready to scroll to the bottom and, consequently, the average time spent on page. With that said the more people read your content, the more people can potentially get value out of it and share it.And, please, remember, it doesn't matter how good your post is if no one gets a chance to read it.

3. Write for Middle Schoolers 

Simplifying your writing makes content easier to read, easier to understand, and more likely to be shared. What is more, a study conducted by Contently showed that most of the best selling authors of our time write around an 8th grade reading level (JK Rowling: Grade 7.5,Tim Ferriss: Grade 8, Jim Collins: Grade 10, Shane Snow: Grade 8.5).By the way, you can try a tool like Hemmingway app to estimate your current grade level you are currently writing at. 

4. Use Short Sentences. 

That’s a fact that short sentences work better on the Internet. You might notice that most professional bloggers that receive a lot of social engagement write in a very short and concise manner.Marketer Neil Patel suggests never exceeding three sentences per paragraph and always starting a sentence rather than using a comma. Our advice is to use this strategy to increase the readability of your content and therefore the number of people who will make it to the end to share it.

5. Make Your Content Insanely Useful. 

Your content should be insanely useful and actionable in order to live up to the hype. There is even the term clickbait that describes web content that is aimed at generating online advertising revenue, relying on sensationalist headlines or eye-catching thumbnail pictures to attract click-throughs and to encourage forwarding of the material over online social network. To avoid this, try and imbue as much value as possible. It can be done in the form of:•Free downloads;•Relevant and useful links;•Key takeaways;•Actionable advice.

6. Make It Easy to Share.

It may seem evident, but if you want people to share something, you need to make it easy for them to share. And there's nothing than to have built-in share buttons on a blog to encourage readers to share the content.

7. Write It As a List.

Today list posts are one of most shareable content online. And that's partially due to the fact that lists appeal to the brain region that is responsible for categorizing things, it breaks down complex topics into small bite size pieces and gives us the ability to scan and pull out key points that resonate with us.It's no wonder that when searching for content, you'll find that list posts dominate the landscape of most shared content.

8. Tag Your Content for Social Sharing.

Writing some good content is not enough. After a user has received value from it and it is necessary to make it possible for him or her to share it on social. For that reason, you should have some social share buttons installed. So users just click "Share" or "Tweet" and share the post and away they go. 

9. Create Emotion.

According to some studies, your content has to have an emotional effect on readers especially if you want them to share it. However, this isn't limited to positive emotions such as joy, glee, love or optimism. Indeed, the studies have shown that negative emotions have an equal or even greater effect on the overall shareability of a post if it penetrates deep into a user's psyche and makes them take action.

10. Publish Original Content. 

If you want to create something that generates a lot of shares, you need to stick to one of the following points: 

  1. create something totally unique, something more valuable than what already exists; 
  2. relate to current events; 3. provoke an emotional response; 
  3. write original content.Surprisingly enough, creating original content is the easiest of the four above-mentioned points. And that's because original content is based on your own experiences, unique viewpoint, and data.